Small Table Size Bridge Type Waterjet Machine


Small Table Size Bridge Type Waterjet Machine

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Product Description

One full set of waterjet machine consists of three basic parts: HP system, cutting table and CNC controller, other accessories for option, like abrasive delivery cooler system, etc.

– Bridge Cutting table

We adopt HIWIN OR I+F ball screw and guideway on the X and Y axis.

And adopt MISUBISHI on servo motor.

– HP sytem

We have 380Mpa and 420Mpa high pressure system for option.

380Mpa with semi imported configuration, 420Mpa is fully imported configuration. You can choose them as per your special demand.

– Control system

We can offer our own cutting system or imported cutting system as per your demand.

– Specification

Parameters WJ-L1515 WJ-L2010 WJ-L2015 WJ-L2515 WJ-L3015
Efficient cutting area(mm) 1500×1500 2000×1000 2000×1500 2500×1500 3000×1500
Axis travel


X 1500 2000 2000 2500 3000
Y 1500 1000 1500 1500 1500
Z 150-180 150-180 150-180 150-180 150-180
Cutting accuracy(mm) +/-0.1
Positioning accuracy(mm) +/-0.02
X,Y dry-run speed (m/min) 0-12(if need 20m/min speed, we can customized)
Cutting Speed (m/min) According to the material and thickness